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Published: 18th January 2011
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Fashion is a never ending cycle of trends reborn. The clothes that your mother or even grandmother wore in her golden years may soon be seen on the racks, many times with a modern flair added to it. Other times people order the clothes from the source, scrounging through thrift stores, yard sales, or turning to niche stores that specialize in the vintage clothing. With vintage leather jackets, both the former and the latter are seen and those who grew up with the style will nostalgia over their grandchild sporting the look with pride.

With vintage leather jackets, a huge variety of styles for both men and women. There are many different types such as WWII bomber jackets with their tough leather and soft lining which helped keep the airmen warm and protected as they did battle in the skies. One may even go for a groovy look with the wide lapels and cropped hem that leather jackets of the 60's and 70's were known to have. Whatever choice you make, it's advisable that the type of jacket must fit well with your whole outfit for if not, the jacket may stand out in the worse possible way and you'll run the risk as coming across as tacky or costumed.

As with many vintage items, there are a lot of companies who sell vintage style leather jackets. Don't be fooled, you can only get the trus authentic leather by buting genuine vintage leather. Take a close look at that era's celebrities and take note at the detail of the jacket. How tough was the leather, what did the zippers look like, what was it lined with, and did it come with pockets are some things to be considered so you won't be embarrassed by paying full price for a modern reproduction of something you believed to be genuine. One must be aware that when buying not only a leather jacket but also a">vintage leather jacket, you are buying a nicely broken in quality product. Quality should always trump quantity in that aspect but don't be afraid to look elsewhere if only to compare prices.

Often time's vintage is often confused with retro. At times it may be synonymous but other times retro can simply refer to a modern piece of attire given a retro spin such as embossing a leather jacket with characters from decades past. Investing in a vintage leather jacket is an important decision to consider, but once you take the plunge you'll never look back. This is not only because you'll own fine material that has withstood the touch of time, but also because you'll own a piece of history that will outlast your time.

So why buy a modern vintage style leather jacket when usually for less money you can buy the real thing and really stand out from the crowd. You will be buying a unique quality product that you will be able to pass on as a family heirloom.


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