The timeless Glamour of Vintage 1950's Dresses

Published: 28th February 2011
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When you think about vintage 1950's dresses, you can't help but imagine the classic look of Donna Reed with her beautiful shirtwaist dress. Or you can also imagine how the characters look like in the classic cult movie "Grease". The retro fashion has made a resounding comeback and people are excited to explore the wonderful and happy memories of the yesteryear's fashion and relive it in this modern age and time. When you buy your own vintage dress, you are actually also buying a piece of history.

In the 1950's, dresses came in numerous shapes and styles. 1950's dresses are generally cheerful in style, light print in floral, checks or solid. The most famous one is the classic vintage shirtwaist dress with a fitted waist and a flared or full skirt, with buttons or zips in the front and goes often with cuffed sleeves. The 1950's is also a great era for dressmaking as the great depression has long been gone and the various limitations of the WWII have been lifted. Dress manufacturers focused on larger scale production of quality products. Women at that time were also in the height of fashion and glamour. Hence, the vintage 1950's dresses came about as a result of heightened passion for fashion, and a glowing economy.

Much of the dresses in 1950's were inspired and styled by Dior's fashion collection that was released in spring summer of 1947. At that time, the two lines of designs, Corolla and Eight, were considered to be the "new look" of the 1950's. The signature design of the look was a shelf bust, cinched waist, and a full skirt with a below mid-calf length. One of the famous designers in American history that made American fashion rise in popularity and pushed aside the French -dominated fashion style is Claire McCardell. She paved the way to the development of ready-to-wear fashion in the US. Her style was classic and functional. Later on the classic American look has been labeled as casual and chic, much to the effort of Claire McCardell who contributed to the development of America's vintage 1950's dresses.

You can't think about the 1950's without considering swing. The 1950's swing dresses were originally made for dancing at that time. The full swinging shape of the dress itself allowed women to show off their dancing skills while at the same time maintaining their modest and lady-like image. The vintage 1950's dresses will not be complete without the swing dresses that have become so popular up to this day due to its timelessness quality, femininity, grace and classic style. Vintage dresses are becoming like collectible items as they grow in value because of its scarcity. Celebrities are enjoying the 1950's dresses as they proudly paraded with it in the red carpet. Sarah Jane Parker especially wore the swing dress several times in the show "sex and the city". Indeed, you can spice up your wardrobe with a collection of 1950's dresses and become one of the fashion icons of today!


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