Why Choose Vintage Fashion?

Published: 24th February 2011
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Vintage fashion is a term given to clothes made in years gone by. These clothes are seeing a surge in demand as celebrities like Renee Zelwegger, Kate Moss, and others are turning more and more to clothes from the past. One of the reasons for this is the fact that the clothes were made from more durable fabrics with better construction.

Delicate lace collars and sturdier buttons, zippers, and hand made beads are just a few of the unique things that these clothes were made with. Men and women alike are browsing second hand stores in search of that classic vintage item.

Some collector specialise in famaour designers like Coco Chanel or Dior. In some cases, the fabric is no longer in production. The fact that vintage clothes were designed to last and be handed down is another factor of their growing popularity.

Many environmentally conscious people like the fact that these clothes can be repaired, recycled, and out last the cheaper fabrics that have been used recently. Sub-cultures like swing dancing and rockabilly have also contributed to the growing interest in clothes and accessories from yesteryear.

Styles from the 1940's through the 1970's seem to be the most popular. There are even kitcheware, homewares, and appliances that are being sought after from this time period. If you browse a vintage boutique, all they have to do is look around to know that they have indeed stepped back in time.

By studying these articles from the past, they cannot help but notice the classic lines of the clothing and delicate patterns in dishes and glassware. The pretty linens for tables and bed sheets bring to mind a simpler time when the world did not seem to be going at break neck speed.

The fun color patterns of the 70's bring back memories of bellbottomed jeans and lava lamps. Mixing stripes with polka dots and all those bold, fun color schemes. Beaded room dividers and shag carpeting in every color of the rainbow and the Beatles invading America all return in vivid memory.

Hand crocheted doilies and appliqués on clothing are reminiscent of a time when grandmothers and mothers made quilts for beds and outfits for their children to wear. Family outings were the norm and Sunday dinner was a time when the whole family gathered at one place every week.

Pleasant memories abound when one steps inside a vintage clothes store. That walk down memory lane has time standing still for just a little while. The hustle and bustle outside the door is a million miles away while touring the isles and trying on clothing of days gone by.

Vintage fashion has made a niche for itself in second hand boutiques all over the globe. With the continues growth in interest in items from yesteryear, it is becoming the new fashion statement. If a person is interested in taking their own trip down memory lane, they should take the time to search for vintage and step back into a simpler way of life.


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